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How Not To Choose The Best Contractor For House Painting In Wellesley

There are a lot of painting contractors out there. Cut-rate ads for painting are everywhere, it seems. The price differences can be substantial, especially for a large home. On the other hand, a substandard paint job will be very obvious, confirming every day that the wrong contractor was chosen.

Here are the 8 signs of the contractor you don't want to hire.

1. No Address, License or Insurance

A reputable painter will have an established business with a permanent address and phone number. Ask to see proof of licensing and insurance.

2. Cash Only

This is a huge warning sign of the painter you don't want to entrust with your home. Cash means that the job is under-the-table, and there will no record of the job if it's needed later.

3. No Contract

An oral contract is no contract at all. A professional painter will provide a detailed, written contract specifying everything.

4. High-Pressure Tactics

A professional painter won't have to use high-pressure tactics to get work. In all likelihood, there will be a waiting period before work can start because of prior commitments.

5. Vague Estimates

The intent of an estimate is to provide clarity for both the homeowner and the painter. Details of the work to be done should be spelled out so there are no unpleasant surprises later. A too low or vague estimate will almost always mean that the final payment will be considerably more.

6. A Very Low Quote

There are only so many ways to reduce the price of a properly done job. Proper preparation is absolutely essential for well-done, long-lasting painting. Cutting corners on the prep and the use of inferior materials are built into a very low price.

7. No Referrals or Portfolio

Any reputable painting contractor should be able to provide referrals and have a gallery of past projects available to look at, probably on their website.

8. Not Enough Equipment

A large job takes a lot of equipment. If the painter shows up without enough equipment (ladders, scaffolding, etc.) for house painting in Wellesley, that's a bad sign.

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